Recovery and Insolvency Services

Red Inspection Services Ltd (SC452228)

The winding up order was granted on 18 February 2019 when Charles H Sands was appointed as Interim Liquidator.

The director has been required to produce a sworn Statement of Affairs. He has returned a signed but unsworn statement, explaining that he cannot afford to pay a Notary.  A copy of the unsworn Statement of Affairs is here.

The Sheriff extended the deadlines for a report to creditors, and for nominations for the purpose of choosing a person (who may be the person who is the interim liquidator) to be the liquidator of the company in place of the Interim Liquidator. That circular was issued on 16 May 2019 and a copy is here.

On 14 June 2019 following the deemed consent procedure, Charles H Sands was appointed as Liquidator.